2011 West Coast Rev Clinic!

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  1. Rachel says:

    I know the schedule indicates that there is training for different levels… but when you say “beginner” are you willing to accept the truly clueless? (My skills involve crashing and … crashing with style.)

    Also– is SeaTac the nearest airport to Long Beach?

    • John Barresi says:

      Hi Rachel!

      We love the “truly clueless”, clean slate and all. 🙂

      We’ve even had folks show up for a clinic to learn before deciding if they want to even buy a Rev, so yes, we take all comers.

      For us, it’s all about sharing our experience so *anyone* can get more out of their time on the field, all toward helping them discover their own most enjoyable style of flying… Crashing with style is an acceptable form, but we’ll help you graduate from it if you like!

      The nearest airport is actually PDX (Portland, OR)… About 2 hours away, whereas Seattle is closer to 3 hours and may have more difficult traffic depending on the time of day.

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