Xmas at casa de Barresi

Nice Christmas this year, TK’s 3rd in the USA… The first time, she came to visit from Japan over the holidays… The second time, she had just (permanently) immigrated from Japan the October before… Now, we’re here, together with more than a year behind us and it just keeps getting better, absolutely.

I’m grateful that we found each other, and for all of our friends and family out there who make it that much more special.

Among the goodies we got under the tree this year, 2 sets each of custom Pro handles from LS Custom Kite Accessories (available through your local Rev dealer)… These are a little different than the stock handles though, as TK’s have red foam (her favorite color) and my handles are actually modified standard 13″ handles with Pro tips added, snagless, but all the same traditional foam and diameter that I’m accustomed to.

Also under the tree, a semi-matching (complimentary) set of the new Xtra Vents… TK’s in red and white, mine in blue and black with a mini-fade along the trailing edge.

Happy holidays everyone, we send our love, wishing you and yours all the best!

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2 Responses to “Xmas at casa de Barresi”

  1. David Baldwin (baldy) says:

    Hey John,

    Ran into a kiter gal named Nick on Stuart Island this summer, made me think of you guys. She is running the Long Beach kite festival this summer, and does a bunch of kite board related stuff. Anyway, seems like the events of Uchinada have led you down a new and happy trail. Kiyomi and I wish you the best. Please pass on a hello for us to the rest of the gang.


    • John Barresi says:

      Hi David, long time no see!

      Sorry for the late reply, been crazy here – must have overlooked this.

      Yeah, we know Nic, she’s a good friend… Just saw her at WSIKF and in Utah. 🙂

      Regards, best wishes to you both!


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