Wildwood Kite Festival

The year it rained Revs at Wildwood. Related Posts:Wildwood – Broken WingsiQuad on a Budget – Wildwood, NJ

Wildwood – Broken Wings

Tribute video by Alive Archives, we were sitting in the banquet when this came on the big screen… Just blew us away. Related Posts:Wildwood Kite FestivaliQuad on a Budget – Wildwood, NJ

iQuad on a Budget – Wildwood, NJ

One of our most iconic videos, IMHO… This was put together by Kris Smith at the 2007 Wildwood Kite Festival. The Budget truck was parked on the beach, front and center in the festival, right where we flew for the better part of the week. Same event, we actually had some of the folks on […]

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