Antelope Island Stampede

Sep 7th, 2010 I want to thank the members of iQuad. When we started talking about your being here in Utah, I had a vision of what you would do here, that was blown out of the water by what you did. Brought tears to my eyes on Sunday during the Stairway to heaven performance. […]

“I immediately screamed the first time I saw it and yelled for my family to come see it.”

5/20/2008 “Thanks once again for blessing West Michigan with iQuad’s presence at the Grand Haven Kite Festival.  I saw your demonstrations late afternoon on Friday and all day Saturday.  I wanted more than anything to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed keeping up with your team over the past year via your website and […]

“I was overwhelmed to the point of tears it was so amazing.”

May 20th, 2007 “I just got home from spending the weekend at the Kite Festival in Grand Haven, Michigan. This is the first ever kite festival I’ve been to. I never knew much about kite flying before this weekend and I can see how one can get hooked on this sport. I was truly and […]

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