Revolution’s 20th Anniversary

A compilation/tribute video done by the Drachen Foundation in honor of Revolution’s 20th anniversary, footage from Revolution’s journey to both Japan and the UK in 2008. Related Posts:Portsmouth Kite FestivalDrunken iQuad practice – Uchinada, Japan

Drunken iQuad practice – Uchinada, Japan

The gang cutting loose at the Uchinada Kite Festival near the end of a long Japan trip, pilots are John Barresi, Steve de Rooy, Mike Kory, Jay Nunes, Bazzer Poulter and David Hathaway. Related Posts:Revolution’s 20th AnniversaryDancing of the Lines – Seaside, ORCut’n de Mist – Long Beach, WAVideo Tutorials, now and in the future…iQuad [...]

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