Working the Poles – Seaside, OR

No, not like that… Get your head out of the gutter. David Hathaway and John Barresi flying amongst the buildings and flag poles in Seaside, OR. Related Posts:Dancing of the Lines – Seaside, ORLewis & Clark Expo – Seaside, ORNite Fli – Seaside, ORThe birth of iQuad… 2006.

Dancing of the Lines – Seaside, OR

John Barresi and David Hathaway, playing around on the buildings and boardwalk of Seaside (OR) in 2006. Related Posts:Working the Poles – Seaside, ORNite Fli – Seaside, ORLewis & Clark Expo – Seaside, ORCut’n de Mist – Long Beach, WAVideo Tutorials, now and in the future…

The birth of iQuad… 2006.

In 2006, my friend David Hathaway and I attended the World Sport Kite Championships, he as a spectator / reporter for Kitelife and myself as a judge… In between the WSKC competitions, European Rev teams and fliers we doing mega flies with anywhere from 12-20 pilots and we were all over it, experiencing Rev team […]

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