iQuad Bo-Rhap Dance

Team iQuad doing their routine to “Bohemian Rhapsody” without kites in Bogota, Colombia at very high altitude (8,612 ft / 2,625m ) there, you can see some of members panting due to the lower oxygen levels. Related Posts:Festival de Verano – Bogota, ColombiaSingapore Rev Clinic2011 West Coast Rev Clinic!1st annual West Coast Rev Clinic2008 WCRC [...]

Singapore Rev Clinic

Put together by our good friend Prince QalishazQalfiy Qalsz! Related Posts:iQuad Bo-Rhap Dance2011 West Coast Rev Clinic!1st annual West Coast Rev Clinic2008 WCRC (feedback)

2011 West Coast Rev Clinic!

The 4th annual WCRC is on! Come to Long Beach WA this March 18-20 for lots of fun, instruction and serious flying at a beautiful venue. Full event information and registration can be found here. Only 30 slots open, we hope to see you there! Related Posts:1st annual West Coast Rev CliniciQuad Bo-Rhap DanceSingapore Rev [...]

1st annual West Coast Rev Clinic

Our first official “home turf” Rev Clinic, in conjunction with the World Kite Museum. Related Posts:2011 West Coast Rev Clinic!iQuad Bo-Rhap DanceSingapore Rev Clinic2008 WCRC (feedback)

2008 WCRC (feedback)

Excerpted attendee feedback from our 2008 West Coast Rev Clinic: Instructors and participants knowledgeable about revs and happy to share information.  Instructors were always positive and helpful.  Participants were also positive and helpful.  The benefit of participants helping you with a problem is it gives you a different perspective and you realize you are not the only one having [...]

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