iQuad Short Demo – Lincoln City, OR

8-person performance in Lincoln City, OR. Related Posts:iQuad Long Demo – Lincoln City, ORLincoln City Summer FestivalPurple Rain @ WSIKF – Long Beach, WACut’n de Mist – Long Beach, WAResonate the Head – Lincoln City, OR

Purple Rain @ WSIKF – Long Beach, WA

Quite probably our first ever 6-person demo! Related Posts:WSIKF – Long Beach, WAWSIKF – Long Beach, WAWSIKF – Long Beach, WAWSIKF – Long Beach, WACut’n de Mist – Long Beach, WA

Cut’n de Mist – Long Beach, WA

One of our first videos, this footage was taken within the first 4 months of our formation… Borrowing from what we learned on the line with Stephen Hoath at the 2006 World Sport Kite Championships, we were literally learning to team fly as we were teaching it to others during the week of WSIKF… Note […]

iQuad Long Demo – Lincoln City, OR

This was our first ballet music, and the first time we appeared with a full 8-person team – this video was taken at the 2007 Lincoln City Fall Festival… Members at that time were John Barresi, Steve de Rooy, Todd Rudolph, Egan Davis, JD Fabich, Justin Redington, Carl Bragiel and David Hathaway. Related Posts:Resonate the […]

The birth of iQuad… 2006.

In 2006, my friend David Hathaway and I attended the World Sport Kite Championships, he as a spectator / reporter for Kitelife and myself as a judge… In between the WSKC competitions, European Rev teams and fliers we doing mega flies with anywhere from 12-20 pilots and we were all over it, experiencing Rev team […]

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