Revolution’s 20th Anniversary

A compilation/tribute video done by the Drachen Foundation in honor of Revolution’s 20th anniversary, footage from Revolution’s journey to both Japan and the UK in 2008. Related Posts:Portsmouth Kite FestivalDrunken iQuad practice – Uchinada, Japan

Niagara Kite Festival

Having a bit of fun in the trees at Tarrapin Point, Niagara Falls. Related Posts:Niagara Kite Festival – Niagara Falls, NY

Portsmouth Kite Festival

Our first trip to the UK, in celebration of Revolution’s 20th anniversary, and to work with other teams toward setting a new mega fly world record! Related Posts:Revolution’s 20th AnniversaryWSIKF – Long Beach, WAWSIKF – Long Beach, WA

Berkeley Kite Festival

The year we took 10 pilots to Berkeley… Note the 10-man blender at 5:40 in the first video! Related Posts:Kite PartyKite Party

Southern Oregon Kite Festival

Our first team visit to Brookings, OR for the Southern Oregon Kite Festival. Related Posts:Southern Oregon Kite FestivalSOKF – Brookings, ORLincoln City Summer Festival2007 Cascade of Colors

Wildwood Kite Festival

The year it rained Revs at Wildwood. Related Posts:Wildwood – Broken WingsiQuad on a Budget – Wildwood, NJ

Great Lakes Kite Festival

Our first team visit to Grand Haven…. Related Posts:Great Lakes Festival – Grand Haven, MI“I immediately screamed the first time I saw it and yelled for my family to come see it.”“I was overwhelmed to the point of tears it was so amazing.”

1st annual West Coast Rev Clinic

Our first official “home turf” Rev Clinic, in conjunction with the World Kite Museum. Related Posts:2011 West Coast Rev Clinic!iQuad Bo-Rhap DanceSingapore Rev Clinic2008 WCRC (feedback)

Treasure Island Kite Festival

Our trip to Treasure Island, FL… Related Posts:No Related Posts

Drunken iQuad practice – Uchinada, Japan

The gang cutting loose at the Uchinada Kite Festival near the end of a long Japan trip, pilots are John Barresi, Steve de Rooy, Mike Kory, Jay Nunes, Bazzer Poulter and David Hathaway. Related Posts:Revolution’s 20th AnniversaryDancing of the Lines – Seaside, ORCut’n de Mist – Long Beach, WAVideo Tutorials, now and in the future…iQuad [...]

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