Kite Party – Huntington Beach, CA

February 23-25, 2010 The team’s first long road trip, most of us took turns driving a cargo van all the way from Oregon to Los Angeles… Quite the haul, but well worth it! Pilots were John Barresi, Steve de Rooy, Todd Rudolph, Cal Yuen, Justin Redington, JD Fabich, Jim Cosca and David Hathaway. Related Posts:Kite […]

Windless Festival – Long Beach, WA

January 13-14, 2007 Our first time doing an team indoor routine… When we were invited by the World Kite Museum with the idea, we jumped at the chance and spent the better part of Friday preparing for the weekend performances, pilots were John Barresi, Todd Rudolph and David Hathaway. Also at this same event, we […]

KTAI Trade Show – Portland, OR

January 8-10, 2008 iQuad set up in the Kitelife booth at the trade show just to check out the business side of the kite industry and help in the Revolution booth. As it turned out, our presence was well-timed as we were voted in for both “Best New Kite” (B-Series) and “Best Retail Promotional Effort” […]

AKA Grand Nationals – Des Moines, IA

October 2-7, 2006… John Barresi, Egan Davis and David Hathaway in Iowa as a sort of TRiQuad. Related Posts:No Related Posts

Lincoln City Fall Fest – Lincoln City, OR

October 8-9, 2006 – Our first time out with the brand new custom team SLE kites! Related Posts:No Related Posts

WSIKF – Long Beach, WA

August 23-27, 2006 – Our first “full blown” event with more than four members… John Barresi, Todd Rudolph, Egan Davis, Justin Redington, and David Hathaway. JD Fabich, Carl Bragiel and Cal Yuen joined our ranks, we conducted our first official American mega fly, and the “mutant” Steve de Rooy made his first appearance with iQuad. […]

Westport Windriders Festival – Westport, WA

July 8-9, 2006 – Our fourth event as a team, flew Rev I’s almost all weekend… John Barresi, Todd Rudolph and David Hathaway. Related Posts:Great Lakes Festival – Grand Haven, MI

Lewis & Clark Expo – Seaside, OR

September 9-10, 2006 – just after WSIKF… John Barresi, Steve de Rooy, Todd Rudolph and JD Fabich. Flying alongside the Northwest Sport Kite League competitions. Related Posts:Working the Poles – Seaside, ORDancing of the Lines – Seaside, ORNite Fli – Seaside, OR

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